Ayman Mohyeldin

Journalist / War Correspondent

Ayman Mohyeldin is the host of the MSNBC prime-time show “AYMAN.” The eponymous perspective program is Ayman’s critical take on the world of politics, current affairs, culture, and everything in between. His program features headline-making interviews, thought-provoking commentary, and insightful conversations.

He has become one of the most distinct and unique voices on cable news with his show’s clippings and social media posts generating millions of impressions, views, and interactions on all platforms. 

His weekly program features global leaders, US politicians and officials, journalists and analysts on the most pressing US and international political, social, and cultural news items of the day. Most recently, he anchored MSNBC’s historic and breaking news coverage of Donald Trump’s indictment. He has also been involved in the network’s special coverage of the 2020 Elections, the insurrection at the US Capitol and the inauguration of President Joe Biden and the rise of extremism in the United States. In addition, Mohyeldin has field anchored during some of the networks biggest domestic and international news stories over the past decade including the coverage of massive social justice and racial equality protests across the United States, the immigration crisis in Central America, the wave of terrorist attacks in Europe and the rise of global extremism.

Previously, Mohyeldin spent more than a decade as a foreign correspondent covering the Middle East, Asia and Europe. He has reported from dozens of countries during times of war, revolution, political turmoil and natural disasters. His coverage of the Arab Spring was recognized and praised for its distinction around the world.  As a foreign-based Correspondent, Mohyeldin covered major conflicts including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Iraq war, the Syrian Civil War, the Libyan war, sectarian strife in Lebanon, revolutionary protests in Ukraine, nuclear tensions on the Korean peninsula and more.  In the aftermath of the 2003 Iraq invasion, Mohyeldin was based in Baghdad where he reported on the daily struggles of ordinary Iraqis caught up in sectarian war and an anti-American insurgency. He was among the few journalists allowed to observe and report on the U.S. handover of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to an Iraqi judge during his very first court appearance. He also produced Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi’s exclusive interview on abandoning his country’s WMD program. 

In addition to his broadcast experiences, Ayman has contributed to Vanity Fair and TIME magazine. Mohyeldin also developed and hosted the award-winning, chart-topping podcast ‘American Radical’ which has won the Deadline Club Awards and the Society of Professional Journalism Awards.

TIME Magazine named Mohyeldin as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2011. He has received multiple international awards including a Peabody, a Sigma Delta Chi Award, Argentina’s Perfil International Press Freedom Award, the UK’s Cutting Edge Media Award, and the European Union’s Anna Lindh Foundation Award. He was also named ‘Journalist of the Year’ by both GQ Magazine and Esquire Magazine. 

In addition, Mohyeldin has lectured at Universities and organizations around the world. He holds a BA and MA from American University in Washington, DC.