Leda Braga

Chief Executive Officer

Leda is the founder and CEO of Systematica. Prior to joining Systematica, Leda was the President and Head of Systematic Trading at BlueCrest Capital Management for 14 years. Prior to BlueCrest Leda was part of Cygnifi Derivatives Services (a J.P. Morgan spin-off). At Cygnifi she was part of the management team and was head of its Valuation Service. Prior to Cygnifi, Leda spent nearly seven years at J.P. Morgan as a Quantitative Analyst in the derivatives research team. Her past experience includes modelling of interest rate exotics, FX/interest rate hybrid instruments and equity derivatives. She holds a PhD in Engineering from Imperial College London, where she worked as a lecturer and led research projects for over three years prior to joining J.P. Morgan. In addition Leda has served as an advisor to the board of the pension fund of the CERN in Geneva and she is currently on the advisory board of the London School of Economics’ Systemic Risk Centre.