Armaan Ali

Co-Founder & CEO
Human Capital

Much of who I am comes from my grandfather.

Years ago, he and his brother started a small biscuit company in Bangladesh, then turned it into one of the largest confectionery businesses in the country.

I grew up being around and looking up to him from a young age—his vision, passion, grit, hard work and dedication. He taught me the importance of thinking, acting and optimizing for long time horizons. Great things take time. Optimize for what you want your legacy to be.

At Stanford, I found myself surrounded by people who shared this same belief—and who had ambition pulsing through their veins in a way I’d never seen before. (Baris was one of these people, by the way.) The combination of drive, purpose and long-term thinking created an energy I loved.

That’s the kind of energy Baris and I wanted to surround ourselves with when we started Human Capital. We love thinking about all the ways we can help engineers and founders—finding them the jobs they crave, investing in them as they get their companies off the ground, and developing new services that help them in new ways. We love bringing the right people and resources together.