Julian Morris

Economist and Policy Analyst
Cayman Islands

Julian Morris is a Cayman-based economist and policy analyst with 30 years’ experience working with think tanks, businesses, and governments. The author of over 100 scholarly articles and policy papers and the editor of several books, Julian’s diverse recent work includes studies on: the role Cayman plays in facilitating global economic growth and good governance; the effects of a global minimum corporation tax; bottom-up mechanisms for reducing carbon emissions; real-time payments and financial inclusion; and a primer on NFTs.

Julian is an active member of several non-profit boards and advisory boards, including the Decentralized Cooperation Foundation, Cayman’s Acts of Random Kindness, 345Robotics, and the Cayman Islands Artificial Intelligence Society. He is also involved with several startups.

A graduate of the University of Edinburgh, Julian has master’s degrees from UCL and Cambridge University and a graduate diploma in law from the University of Westminster. He previously ran think tanks in the US and UK, taught economics at two universities, co-founded the Electronic Journal of Sustainable Development, and was a member of the editorial board of the Cayman Financial Review.