Sylvia Benito


Sylvia Benito is an experienced wealth manager, public speaker, and thought leader who strives to connect consciousness to capital by promoting awareness and transformative purpose in the world of investing. She helps companies, investors, and individuals re-examine their investment philosophies and how they deploy their capital to inspire positive social change. 

Ms. Benito’s background is in the sourcing and deployment of capital to help clients achieve financial returns and social impact. Believing that visionary entrepreneurs are most able to spark mass social change, she seeks disruptive, transformative investment opportunities. Sylvia Benito has more than two decades of wealth management experience and has worked with ultra-high-net-worth clients with more than $1 billion in assets. She has also served as a hedge fund analyst and as a CIO for family offices. 

An in-demand public speaker, Sylvia Benito has spoken at several industry events and conferences that intersect with her interest in purpose-driven investment, female empowerment, and other topics. She spoke at the 39th Private Wealth Management Summit in June 2023, delivering a presentation on the financial concerns of women who are divorced, widowed, or inheritors of their parents’ estate. Sylvia Benito has also spoken at the National Trial Lawyers Summit and Women and Wealth, among other events, and authors a quarterly newsletter through which she shares personal stories.

In addition, Ms. Benito is the co-founder of The Oasis Institute, which she successfully exited before pursuing her career in wealth management. Her areas of expertise include financial analysis, strategic planning, negotiation, financial modeling, and risk management. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst and holds a bachelors degree in environmental studies from New College of Florida.